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Elder Abuse Often Missed In ER

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Baby Boomers Going to Pot

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Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of Hip Fracture

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Blizzard 2013: Preparation and Getting Through It

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MD News
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MD News

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MD News
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MD News

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Little Tip On Premature Ejaculation

 by: Kristjan Gudna

Curing premature ejaculation can cost some money. You will have to buy a exercising program, or hypnosis program, or psychologist sessions, or what ever you want to do.

But here I have one tip that could work to night, absolutely free ;).

This might not cure your premature ejaculation completely, but it might help you to last, and help your partner to come faster. So everybody should be happy ;).

This takes a little planning, and might diminish the romance a little for a while, but it is worth it, isn't it.

The Tip Is: "before you are going to have sex, talk to gather for half an hour".

That is so simple!

Start by talking about your dreams, what you want to do in your live. Do you want to start a business, work home, have kids (how many), or where do you want to live? Share your dreams with each other. Be honest.

Now share your fear. Are you afraid to get her pregnant, have you made all cautions? Are you afraid she won't like you if you do something wrong, is she afraid you won't like her if she does something wrong. Maybe you are anxious about something that has nothing to do with the two of you, talk about it.

Get rid of all unspoken emotions blocking each other, without blaming. Just own them, in your own space. Is either of you angry about something? Maybe it is a small stuff, but it can still block the flow between you two.

Now share what you like in sex, and what you want to experience. It doesn't have to happen to day, or next week, or month. But share what you want to work up to experience, one day. If it is something you have to practice, make a plan to get a book, or program to learn it.

Finally take a promise from each other, that neither of you ever has to do anything that doesn't feel good. All you have to say is "this doesn't feel good", and you stop, and the other party wont leave, or get angry. But you will talk about it afterwards, what didn't feel good.

It takes courage to do this before having sex, to face intimacy. But I ensure you, even if you come faster than you wanted after doing this exercise, you woman will still be satisfied in a way most men can't satisfy her.

About The Author

The author managed to cure his own premature ejaculation. Now he is helping many couple with the same problem through his website (

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